Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Month Three – January 21, 2009

Dear BabyF and BabyB,

Time is certainly flying by. You’re now three months old and growing so quickly. BabyF, you’ve already more than doubled your birth weight and BabyB, you’re pretty close to doubling it.

You both had your first vaccines this month and handled it surprisingly well. Thankfully neither of you cried all that much and neither of you had any nasty side effects after the shots. I just hope all of your future vaccines go as smoothly.

You’re both doing a better job at holding up your bobbly heads and are getting stronger and stronger every day. You even smile more and make more of those cooing sounds. Even when you wake grumpy, your moods quickly change when you see me suddenly appear before you. I am always greeted with bright smiles from both of you and your smiles never cease to warm my heart. You are both my greatest source of joy.

BabyF, you’ve recently discovered your chubby little hand and seem to enjoy chewing and sucking on it almost all the time. You’re often drooling and this means your little hand is also covered with drool. BabyB, you don’t do this quite as often. Perhaps you don’t think your hand is as tasty as BabyF seems to think hers is.

BabyF, you sometimes have sudden fits of very loud screaming. I sometimes ask you who pinched your bottom when this happens because it really sounds like someone or something suddenly caused you harm. Luckily, we’re still able to calm you relatively quickly when this happens. BabyB, on the other hand, still winds up to her crying very slowly.

I love both of your names - after all, I chose them. However, over the past three brief months I’ve come to call you all sorts of affectionate names. Some are cute and some you may think not so cute. Here are a few:

Baby Love
Bamboletta (means little doll in Italian)
Coconut Head (for Felicia’s perfectly round head)
Cantaloupe Head (same reason as above)
Poopy Butt (for obvious reasons)
Ladybug (BabyF, for some reason you remind me of a ladybug)
Amore (means love in Italian)
Tesoro (means treasure in Italian)
Cuore di Mamma (means mother’s heart in Italian)
Little Girl

I’m sure there are others and there will be others in the future, but I can’t seem to think of them right now. They are all, and will always be, terms of endearment.


P.S. Thank you for sleeping for longer periods through most nights. I am eternally grateful!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

what they don't tell you

Here are a few things women could expect to experience after delivering a child (or children) via c-section... and after breastfeeding for even just a short period of time.

Your tits will sag and look deflated.

Your abdomen will remain numb.

The skin over your midsection, which had stretched so far to accomodate 16lbs of baby (plus everything they needed in there while in residence), will be saggy.

Your back will ache at the spinal block injection site - an ache sometimes so intense that you feel like you may fall if you don't sit down.

Your hair will turn grey.

A thin dark line (linea negra) will appear from about the middle of your midsection down to your public mound.

You will find yourself searching for words and feel like a total idiot with all of the memory blanks.

I'm sure there are others I'm not remembering at the moment. I have no idea if or when any of these things will change or go back to normal... hopefully very soon. I have been feeling very ugly lately and I would love for a few things to go back to normal.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

they really DO love me!

We put them in separate cribs last night for the first time and for the very first time they BOTH slept through the entire night!

BabyF was asleep by about 8:30pm and woke at 6:00am.

BabyB was asleep by about 9:30pm and woke at 7:30am.

I, being the crazy overprotective mother that I am, woke at 3:00am to listen for them... then again at 4:00am... and then again at 5:30am. I began to worry about BabyF because she has never gone more than six hours between feedings. So I got up and went to check on them. Once I saw them both wiggle and coo I felt relieved and went back to bed.

Now, of course, I've jinxed it by posting about it, but I'm REALLY hoping this is the start of a new and permanent sleeping schedule. Keep your fingers crossed for me!