Sunday, March 29, 2009

Month Five - March 21, 2009

Dear BabyF and BabyB,

This past month has been so much fun. We're all really getting the hang of being alone together throughout the days and you've both been so cooperative. You both eat really well and sleep well too. Actually, BabyF sleeps very well through the days with long naps and BabyB likes to stay awake and hang out with mommy all day. You both USUALLY sleep through the nights (often lasting 12 hours!). I am a very very lucky mommy!

BabyF, you've been sucking on your hands more and more and I don't know if it's because I'm not feeding you enough or if it's because you just like sucking on your chubby little fingers. You're growing very well, so I'm guessing you aren't undernourished. You're also beginning to show a more independent side. You don't seem to want to be held all that often. You're perfectly content playing on your little gym, doing tummy time with your sister on my bed, or even just watching your Baby Einstein dvd. Sometimes I wish you were more clingy and affectionate (doesn't really make much of a difference because I hug and kiss you a thousand times a day anyway), but I think I'll be grateful for your independence when you're a little older.

BabyB, you have become much more clingy. Whenever I pick you up, you mold your body to mine and this makes me want to hold you all the time. I love your love-doveyness because I'm a big mush ball of affection just like you. Sometimes you take it a little too far, though... like the time we left you with your Nonna for a few hours and you fussed almost the entire time until your momma came back and held you - then you were suddenly happy as can be. I'm wondering if I should leave you with Nonna more often so you can get used to being in the care of others. I'm only considering this because I suspect I'll have to go back to work soon and then you'll HAVE to be in the care of another and my guilt would be a hundred times worse if I knew you were unhappy.

You both now babble a lot and even giggle from time to time. I haven't quite figured out a sure-fire way of making you giggle. It's been hit and miss so far, but I'm working on it. And when I do finally figure it out, well then that's all we're going to do... because, truly, your giggles are the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard.

Now that the warm-ish weather is upon us, we've been spending more time outdoors. I have finally gained the confidence I need to pack you both up by myself and take you out - whether it be to drive you to Nonna's or to take you for a walk in your enormous double stroller. Things will only get better as the weather gets nicer. I can hardly wait for the weather to be mild and clear enough for us to take walks together every single day. Soon you'll be hanging out with your friend Annalisa - my dear friend M (and his wife N)'s daughter, who was born about six weeks before you were. Oh what fun we'll have going to the park together and shopping and just enjoying our days. It'll be just the girls - all five of us - and I'm confident that we'll all have a wonderful time together.

For now, we continue to take things one step at a time and I will continue to cherish every moment we all have together.

With all the love in the world,


Ponita in Real Life said...

Wow! They are so big already! Cute as a pair of buttons, those two are.

Sounds like someone may be starting to teeth... what with the hand sucking. Wet facecloths twisted and left in the freezer are good things for them to chew and suck on... relieves those sore gums.

Yes, do leave them with Nonna more. They'll get used to it and you get some time for you!

When you figure out how to get the giggles going.... make a video! Laughing babies make everyone else laugh out loud.

Didn't I tell you you would get used to being alone with them? You're doing great, Anna!

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Awww so adorable. I know you're cherishing it all. I did the same with the faceclothes. Best idea ever!!

littleone said...

my god anna !!! i can NOT believe how much one looks like J and the other like you (of course i can't for the life of me remember which is which - name wise !!)

and i am SO glad you have another mom to hang around with - that is very important !!!

spring is almost here !! lots of time to play at the park

morningstar (owned by Warren)

anna said...

Ponita - Awww, thanks. I think they're pretty cute too. :)

Thanks for the facecloth suggestion. I will definitely keep that in mind. I don't know if they've started teething yet.

Miranda - I am soooo cherishing every moment. They are growing way too fast.

morningstar - I'm gonna guess that Bridget looks like J (she's the blonder one) and Felicia looks more like me. Right? I think that's what most people are saying, although now everyone is saying Bridget is looking more and more like me. So, who knows.

WW said...

They're both beautifully gorgeous, of course, just like their mom...

Can you even think back to three years ago or two years ago, or even a year, and remember what your heartspace and headspace was then?

And does that feel like you've been put into some type of time machine or space capsule and you're in another time or another galaxy or universe?


anna said...

WW - I remember that head and heartspace very clearly. It was not a good space. And I still can't believe I have children. Sometimes I feel like I'm just babysitting for someone else. Its hard to believe that I'm finally a mom.

WW said...

Well, I didn't mean to bring you back to sad times, just to focus on those.

I fully intended for you to remember the past, which many of us experienced with you, only to bring yourself back to the present and the beautiful reality that you ARE a mom.

Spectacular pic of you and...I won't even try to guess.

anna said...

WW - Thank you. That's Felicia in the photo with me... about three months ago.

WW said...

Only a smile :-)

donncoppens said...

They are so adorable I wanna smooch those wittle cheeks!

Isn't it cool that each have a clone? Of course Bridget might be more like you and Felicia might be more like J...that would be trippy eh?

Either way they are going to appreciate this record of their progress. The first 18 months a whirlwind of change and growth. Seriously things happen overnight don't they. Just absorb it's magic! Pure magic.